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What People Say


5 Stars

Just what I was looking for!
Support, second to none


5 Stars

Really great implementation of a grid layout.
Great support too!
Thanks again.


5 Stars



5 Stars

This plugin is amazing - I thought I would need to spend a few hours customizing but it was a breeze. I adapted it to work with Advanced Custom Fields giving me complete control of how my WordPress galleries are created via the admin. Thank you!


5 Stars

Great bit of Code and simple to implement.


5 Stars

Great customer support for this outstanding gallery


5 Stars

Was Gridzy named by combining the words grid and easy? Surely it must have been! This script is easy to use, the documentation is straightforward and just worked out the box - no hastle. Beats all the other free plugins out there. Thanks from Square Socket


5 Stars

This is a beautiful code and is incredibly easy to implement as well as easy to customize... Documentation is very thorough... eHtmlu also offers super quick and super helpful customer support!! Thank you so much!!!


5 Stars

Gridzy is amazing!
It is so clever, I still have not worked out how it does what it does. But it has taken 5 mins to implement and I simply love it. Works like a charm.

Excellent work and thank you for such a simple to use, powerful, lightweight and amazing script. Absolutely brilliant – thank you again!
Have rated it five stars.

Best wishes,


5 Stars

Congrats, this is really well done and clean. Performance is great.


5 Stars

Helmut has created a great script, but, more importantly, his support is phenomenal.

He responded to all my queries/issues within 24 hours and always with a fix.

I normally only use free resources, but this was definitely worth buying. Recommended.


Helmut, I just integrated Gridzy into my site and it is the BEST THING EVER! VIELEN DANK for all the work you put into this. It’s the most amazing photo experience I’ve found. Finally someone understands how to do this RIGHT! -Milo, North Carolina USA


5 Stars

This is a very well designed justified grid gallery, the best I found so far. It looks good without getting in the way, responds well to screen size, has plenty of useful options without unnecessary baggage and is flexible in use. Moreover, the author is responsive, always helpful, professional, friendly and has javascript down pat.

Hi! I'm Helmut, the developer of this gallery. Actually I would place here also ratings with less than five stars, but I have seriously no single one yet. Really! No crap!

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100% Satisfaction and Success Guarantee

I’m fully convinced about the utility, usability and quality of this gallery called Gridzy.js. I get so much positive feedback and the reviews are incredible. It's wonderful to read all these success stories and I'm very pleased that so many people are happy with Gridzy.js.

I’m sure you will like Gridzy.js, as many others already. But I want to go one step further now. I bet you will like it. If I'm wrong, you will get your money back. If you don't like it, or if it just doesn't fit your needs, request a refund and you will receive it without any questions. Yes, I give you a 100% satisfaction guarantee now. So you can only win.

I give you that guarantee, because it's really important to me, that you are happy with this gallery. I want to make the life of my customers easier and joyful. If you don't like it, I totally miss my goal. Actually I'm sure you will like it, but just in case I'm wrong, this is the 100% money back guarantee.

So let me say clearly again: Because of this guarantee, you can only win!

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Your Benefits

Incredibly Easy

Even if you're an HTML beginner, you can do it.

Fast Learning

The basic usage can be learned within about 10 seconds. The rest can be learned really fast as well.

No Hassle

The gallery works great in all modern browsers as well as in IE11. Performs always excellent and very smooth.

Many Use Cases

Gridzy.js works for various scenarios. Actually you could use it for all images on a website.

Very Flexible

Use your very own semantic HTML, add captions and style everything to your liking.

Powerful API

Behind the easy stuff there is a really powerful API. You can nearly do whatever you can think of. And actually the API is easy as well.

It's Fun

Gridzy.js is just fun, as you have already read above from many satisfied customers.

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Layout Waterfall

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Select your pictures
Your files will stay locally and save

Click the button to also get this gallery that so many users already love - you can only win!

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Thank you for reading so far. You know, you can only win. In case you don't like it, you'll get your money back without any questions. The shop platform CodeCanyon is a well known and secure partner for selling coding stuff. So, you can trust and just give it a try.

But I know, sometimes there are still open questions or concerns. That's no problem, just drop me an email and I'll try to answer everything to your satisfaction.

My goal is to make your life easier and joyful! 🙂